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We guide your discovery of customer market unmet needs so that your idea solutions "make something people want* ...& love**" (* Y Combinator motto ** Rahul Vohra) -- innovation essentials for value add !


Discovery & Delight for Successful Innovation

We provide customer questionaires in "services" for your use. If you subscribe we guide you in what to look for and how to analyse insights for best success.


Innovation Essentials for Value Add

We  take a customer value approach to apply "innovation essentials for value add". There are only 5 key elements you need to focus on:
1. problem/opportunity;
2. customer (personas);
3. customer (unmet) needs;
4. existing solutions (met needs);
5. value add (innovative idea solution).


"Value Hypothesis" Canvas In A Nutshell

Innovation creates value add. Value begins with (1) a problem or aspiration, a job that (2) a customer – job executor – is trying to do. (3) Customer job needs are success metrics to do the job perfectly. Value is what one gets (benefits) for what one pays (costs) relative to alternatives (reference value). Value propositions are benefit-cost fit for emotional & functional needs -- emotion-results fit -- market-product fit for the customer. (4) Alternative solutions may address customer met needs, but innovative solutions must satisfy unmet needs and create (5) value add > alternatives


Aspire "To Be"...

"As is" -- "To Be"

Nature applies evolution for plants, insects and animal species to constantly address unmet needs in their changing environments and innovate towards more sustainable outcomes. Their lives often depend on it. We can aspire to do likewise by observing and discovering marketplace unmet needs that we may then address with creativity!


"Unmet Need" Challenges

All innovators today face several major common challenges. Our aspiration is to resolve these for you!

1. Unacceptably Low Success Rates -- 90% + failure is driven by pitch contests & chasing financing rather than discovering and resolving an unmet market need with passion & an innovative vision.

2. Wrong focus --"Leading with the idea is giving the answer before asking the question" (Dave Bailey).

3. Too early introduction of Business Model Canvas before a market need "Value Hypothesis" is known.


Unacceptably Low Innovation Success Rates

success 2  (4).png

The Right Things in the Right Order

"Value Hypothesis" before "Growth Hypothesis" and Business Model Canvas

success 2  (4).png

The Key - Right Things in the Right Order

“For startups, the customer need is all that really matters. It’s the foundation of your entire business. It’s how you position your product. It’s the ‘why’.” * (*Dave Bailey)

"Ensure that you build precisely what customers need -- even if they didn’t realize they needed it until it came into their lives ... & bet on their emotion.” ** (Julie Supan)

"Innovative ideas must address a market problem and unmet customer needs … so cool ideas from elsewhere are almost always irrelevant for generating market value, “but they may be close to better ideas”*** (Paul Graham)

"Leading with the idea is giving the answer before asking the question." (Dave Bailey)

"Make something people want"* & love** (*Y Combinator motto) (** Rahul Vohra)


Market Need Discovery Continuum Roadmap

Customer needs discovery is a continuous process throughout the innovation roadmap -- that begins with value and the experimental method -- (problemation, ideation, experimentation), market-product fit and value pricing (in the "value hypothesis" phase) and then the crossing-the-chasm ("growth hypothesis" phase) -- 11 steps in all. There are many iterations along the way.


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