Innovation Essentials for Value Add

The data around innvation show that most entrepreneurs fail. Why?

Unfortunately that's right. The odds of finding a new market solution are low to begin with but even lower if one does not do the right things in the right order. You need to discover customer unmet needs for something that they will love and then engage with them as you build it so you both know the solution is meeting their needs. A great majority of startups today fail for not having a market need for their proposed solution. Instead they chase an idea dream and try to raise money for it before failing.

I have a Great Idea for a new Startup. Where do I begin?

Innovation really does not begin with a cool idea -- rather it starts with a market place customer having an unsatisfied problem need that is usually both an emotional and result/outcome need. If your idea comes from this source -- great! If not observe and canvas potential customers in your topic area of interest and see what they really want and need. Our questionaires and analyses will start you out on the right path so you know what to look for and then what to do with your insights.

How do you customize your services for innovators?

While every innovator should have a passion or vision for making creativity their lifestyle, the prerequisites for being successful at it must be learned and understood. We provide the simple essentials in an understandable way that all can easily learn and employ. We also guide you as you progress to make sure you have expertise suited to your particular needs if and when required.

How do I know that Discovery & Delight is the right for me?

Try us out. We are value for money much more than you will know until you succeed while others around you flounder. Our mutual investment is measured in your success and our aspiration to help many more innovators and entrepreneurs succeed while the current pitch contests fail them. Your key decision here is "What is the value of your success to you?

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