Discovery & Delight Survey Questionaires

Insight into customer unmet needs may be gained through a series of customer questionnaires (via e-mails or in-person interviews) crafted by Migikovsky of Y Combinator, Vohra of Superhuman, van Westendorp & our team.

Each set of questions is in the value canvas format with a web link to a Goggle e-mail form via a button below.

The Questions span:

(1) Aspiration/Problemation met & unmet needs discovery (Questions sets 1&2);

(2) Minimum Viable/Lovable Product (MVP/MLP) idea solution feature tests (Questions 5);

(3) Market-Product Fit validation (Questions 6); &

 (4) Value Pricing (Questions 7).


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Sets of Value Questionaires

2A. Problem Needs; 2B. Problem Unmet Needs; 5. MVP/MLP idea solution features Fit; 6. Market Product Fit; 7. Value Pricing Fit.

 2A. Aspiration/Problemation Questions 1

Discover Customer Needs -- (Migikovsky Y Combinator)

2B. Aspiration Questions 2

Discover Customer Unmet Needs -- (ThinkValue &


5. Minimum Viable/Lovable Product Questions

Discovering Unmet Need - Idea Solution Feature Fit

6. Market-Product Fit Questions

Discovering if you achieve the 40% Ellis MPF success metric -- (Vohra)

7. Pricing Questions

Discovering Value for Money - (van Westendorp)


Unmet Need Insight Analysis

Part of the magic in being an innovator/entrepreneur is the intuition that allows one to differentiate between customer "wants" and "needs". There is less magic in differentiating between "met needs" and "unmet needs".

We have devised protocols for undertaking these analyses guiding the innovator in knowing what to look for and how to analyse it. We supply these tested insights in ready to use analytics modules for monthly subscribers for each of the sets of questionaires 2, 5, 6 &7.

Met & Unmet Needs Insight Analysis

        Unmet Need Ideation

        Unmet need ideation solution features

 MVP/MLP (minimum viable/lovable product) Feature Test Insight Analysis

        Priority unmet need idea solution features

Market-Product Fit & Value Pricing Insight Analysis

        Attaining the 40% (Ellis) metric

        Discovering Value for Price

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