Innovation Challenge

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There are two challenges below. The one on the left provides you with a group of questionnaires you can send to a target audience about a problem topic. The one on the right is a real world example we've invented. Try to see if you can find a market-product fit using our methods described in our blog.



Most begin with a cool idea. But Paul Graham of Y Combinator says: "Innovative ideas must address a market problem and unmet customer needs. So ideas from elsewhere are almost always irrelevant for generating market value".

Do you know what market problem you are trying to solve?

Do you want to find out?

Propose what you think may be a market problem need and encourage friends, colleagues or potential customers to identify their needs so you may then devise an idea solution (perhaps close to your original idea) that will delight!

Try it out!

Creative Working

Electric Car (Pre-Tesla)

Eberhardt was intent on showing he could build a high performance electric roadster. Elon Musk invested in the vision. Then Musk and the Tesla team were passionate to show there was a much larger market need for a new electric car entrant.

Could you have discovered and solved the the same customer unmet needs with innovative ideas?​

Go head-to-head with Elon Musk and test your instincts!

Once you've taken the challenge head over to this blog article and take a look at how we solved it!