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Defining a better value based framework for product development



What We Do

A lot has been written about innovation by several insightful people. Some indicate what to do but rarely on how to do it. 95% of new product startups still fail and even 42% to 70% of innovative ventures shut down after 20 months and over $1.3 million in VC financing. The prime reason for failure is "no market need". Our goal is to introduce a framework to help innovators avoid chasing cool ideas but fruitless idea products. We focus on the value hypothesis.

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Innovation Success

Most people get rich solving real problems. We help you find the real problems. Problems you can solve. Solutions people pay for. Innovation that succeeds!

Beginning with a market problem topic we guide entrepreneurs in discovering and satisfying customer unmet needs
better than starting with a cool idea and giving you much higher success odds. We can help you up your success odds by 10x or more with some initial diligence. Are you in?



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